Founded in October 2007 by an aviation enthusiast, Transport Passion R Inc. immediately differentiated itself with the transfer of patients and wounded individuals from isolated regions to large, urban hospitals. From its earliest flights in May 2008, the company succeeded in building a clientele of business professionals seeking fast, flexible, safe and comfortable air travel services.

Date Description
October 2007 Inception of Passion R
November 2007 Purchase of the first Piper Cheyenne III
May 2008 Granting of CTA’s international and domestic licenses
June 7 2008 First chartered flight
September 2009 Granting of U.S. licenses
October 2009 Approved for charter flights for the Service Aérien Gouvernemental (SAG)
December 2010 Additional of Beech Baron 58 to the fleet
July 2012 Acquisition of a second Piper Cheyenne III
October 2012 Approved for charter flights for Hydro-Quebec
April 2013 Approved for charter flights for Starlink Aviation
September 2013 Granting of authorization for the transportation of hazardous materials
October 2013 Transport Passion R is named as finalist by the Outaouais Chamber of Commerce for the Excelor awards gala.
2014 Obtaining certification approved maintenance organization (AMO) by Transport Canada