Air transportation is our profession, a profession rooted in passion and high standards. Aviation requires constant quality, rigour and safety provisions. To guarantee you safe, quality services, Passion R’s team of professionals is made up of seasoned pilots with vast experience in passenger transportation, chartered flights and patient transportation. They are backed by a talented and friendly administrative team, as well as by a competent technical team. Together, we remain at your disposal throughout the year with only one objective in mind: your safety and satisfaction.


Founding President
Michel Fortin

703 Chief Pilot
Francis Papai

704 Chief Pilot
Stéphane Rauzières

Operations Manager
Francis Papai

Customer Service, Reservations, Accounting and Flight Scheduling
Lyne Quesnel

Person responsible for maintenance
Benoit Aubin

Our pilots
Sébastien Côté
Francis Papai
Stéphane Rauzières
Philippe Mayette